About Us

Dr. Rick Barrows has been practicing chiropractic in San Antonio for 38 years. He is a 1983 graduate of the prestigious Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, Texas. Being raised under chiropractic care, Dr. Barrows is firmly grounded in the principle that respects the body’s natural ability to heal.

Dr. Barrows has a supreme passion to reach as many through chiropractic care as possible, so he has expanded his calling beyond the clinic to working as a mentor for other chiropractors to assist them in improving their own practices, and thus reaching more people with the care that they so desperately need. In that pursuit, Dr. Barrows has taught hundreds of chiropractors in conferences around the country.

Within his own practice, Dr. Barrows emphasizes the importance of corrective care as well as continued wellness care once optimum correction has been achieved.

Dr. Barrows resides in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Rose. He is an active member of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church where he serves in numerous ministries. He most enjoys his service as a vocalist at the contemporary service, which meets on Saturday evenings and is called Prime Time Praise. His service to mankind is through his primary calling, which is to serve God by serving humanity through the healing art of chiropractic.

The Barrows Clinic has over 75 years of history. Dr. Barrows’ father, Dr. L.E. Barrows, founded the clinic in 1947.

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